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  • Participating cooperative must be financially strong
  • Cooperative must have sufficient capital to start venture
  • Meet the requirements to qualify for financing package from Bank Rakyat
  • A successful cooperative with at least 3 years of sound financial records
  • A cooperative with a track record of commendable business management
  • The company contain in its by-laws allowing Ar-Rahnu business activities
  • Approved by Cooperative Board Members


  • Franchising fee: RM35,000
  • Registration and training fee – RM20,000
  • Securities Deposit: RM50,000
  • Total:  RM105,000


  • Subscription fee and deposit: RM108,300
  • Set Up Cost*: : RM340,000
  • Capital Turnover*: RM3,125,000
  • Total: RM3,573,300

*Set Up Costs estimated depends on total current costs.

*Actual Capital Turnover depends on the operations costs and performance of current production.

Subjected to Good and Service Tax (GST).

Kindly download brochure below for further information.


  • Assisting premise location selection
  • Location study
  • Starting Up Renovations and Facilities


  • Theoretical and practical management and operations training
  • Training includes areas of operations, computing system, gold valuation, marketing etc.


  • Advice and assistance about event launching
  • Launching and event preparations


  • Nationwide advertising and promotional activities of brand and products

Rakyat Management Services Sdn Bhd (RMS) is Bank Rakyat’s subsidiary which began operations since 2006. As a franchisor, RMS manages Ar-Rahnu or its Islamic pawn broking operations via a franchise system. This franchise brand, the Ar-Rahnu X’Change, operates based on Bank Rakyat’s Ar-Rahnu experiences and expertise since 1993.

Besides being a franchisor to 63 units of Ar-Rahnu X’Change branches operated by 39 cooperatives nationwide, it also owns and operates another 43 units of Ar-Rahnu X’Change branches around Malaysia. RMS is the organizer of several other business programmes related to cooperative businesses and local entrepreneurship, upholding Bank Rakyat’s corporate responsibility as an entrepreneurial institution.

RMS is also active in other diversification of its core business of gold trading, such as a consultant, performing training, involved in other types of gold trading and gold retail businesses, as well as providing the right technologies for Ar-Rahnu X’Change franchise business operations.
It’s latest venture, RMS Gold, has launched its own RMS Golf Wafers through its gold retail business. RMS Gold now operates at Tower 1 Lobby, Bank Rakyat Twin Towers, Jalan Rakyat, in Kuala Lumpur (open since 1 July 2015).

  1. Franchise
    • RMS acts as franchisor for Bank Rakyat to the brand Ar-Rahnu X’Change. The business operates based on Bank Rakyat’s Ar-Rahnu experiences and expertise since 1993. This franchising programme is also part of a mandate given to Bank Rakyat to develop the cooperative businesses in Malaysia.
  2. Audit and Compliance
    • Expert services in physical stock valuation (as financing collateral). With extensive experience and expertise under its belt, RMS also offers auditing and compliance services for Ar-Rahnu operations.
  3. Gold Trading
    • RMS’ other business activities include trading second-hand gold. Its modus operandi is buying the auctioned gold from Ar-Rahnu X’Çhange and Ar-Rahnu Bank Rakyat, reselling them to the public.
  4. Training and Consultation
    • RMS as the pioneer of Ar-Rahnu industry in Malaysia, provides training and consultation services to Islamic pawn broking service providers. The training and consultation module is also part of the overall Ar-Rahnu X’Change offering.
  5. RMS Gold
    • RMS also aims to become a major player in the gold trade industry in Malaysia. RMS Gold, RMS’ latest venture focuses on gold retail business, launched in 2015. Furthermore, RMS Gold also offers gold investment instrument, the RMS Gold Wafers. The first RMS Gold store began operations in Bank Rakyat Twin Towers building on Jalan Rakyat, Kuala Lumpur.